Agents at Aberdeen

The long-standing Agents at Aberdeen (A3) group undertakes research across several areas of multi-agent systems, focusing in particular on aspects related to resilience, reliability, and coordination. The A3 research group is part of the department of Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen, located in the Meston building in the Old Aberdeen campus.

Agents research at Aberdeen has a long history, with work ranging from fundamental theoretical research on topics such as trust, norms and argumentation, to applications of such technologies. The figure below provides a general overview of the different research topics that the members of A3 have been working on recently. While this word cloud illustrates some common topics of research among the group, it does not cover the entirety of the A3’s research portfolio.

Word cloud containing the most common keywords in recent publications by the members of A3 (2019–2022).

selected publications

  1. Resilience, reliability, and coordination in autonomous multi-agent systems
    Rafael C. Cardoso, Brian Logan, Felipe Meneguzzi, Nir Oren,  and Bruno Yun
    AI Communications 2022